Dragon Ball is one of the greatest anime of all time, whether it's from anime, video games or other supplemental materials. Dragon Ball Super's debut brought back a lot of support for the series, and the latest installment added a lot of interesting ideas to the canon, including Super Saiyan God and Gods of Destruction.

The Super Saiyan God is first seen in the series during Goku's battle against Beerus, but has become a useful tool for him and many others. As a result, here are 5 Super Saiyan Gods who should be able to beat Beerus and 5 reasons why they can't.

10 Beat: Goku

Of the handful of Super Saiyan Gods who have appeared in Dragon Ball Super, Goku is one of the few who has actually faced Beerus. Goku's battle against Beerus marks his first experience with his powers as a Super Saiyan God. He is learning to control them on the fly, but still manages to do everything right against the God of Destruction.

Goku's talents (and transformation levels) have only gotten stronger since their duel. Goku continues to work hard as Beerus' strength seems to have stabilized. Goku may now be able to overwhelm him.

9Perché non possono: la piena potenza di Beerus deve ancora essere vista

The audience catches a glimpse of Beerus colliding with a Super Saiyan God during the Battle of the Gods movie and his adaptation during Dragon Ball Super first big arc Goku stands up to Beerus here, but the series makes it very clear that Beerus is only fighting with one. small fraction of its power.

The combined energies of Goku and Beerus in conflict are too much for the planet and galaxy to hold back. It is probably best that Beerus' full strength has yet to be seen as there may be no more witnesses to talk about it.

8Beat: Xeno Trunks

The Dragon Ball video games have really embraced whimsical transformations and fusions in an effort to present as many new and powerful characters as possible and see what remains. Xeno Trunks, a member of the esteemed Time Patrol, is a character from Super Dragon Ball Heroes. He goes through the same Super Saiyan God ritual that Goku does and becomes a Super Saiyan God to defeat the demon, Demigra. Super Saiyan God Xeno Trunks is particularly powerful because he brings with him the anger and abilities of the grieving existence of Xeno Trunks, who is able to power the Super Saiyan God in intense ways.

7 Why They Can't: Beerus can imprison people in objects

The gods of destruction have incredible physical strength, otherworldly knowledge, and extreme endurance. All of this is enough to outwit most opponents, but the Gods also have more creative methods of getting rid of their enemies that they only bring up on special occasions. Before the events of Dragon Ball, one of Beerus' most sadistic moves involved him trapping Old Kai in with his sword. The fact that he can do this to a Kai means that he could also imprison someone like Goku in this way, especially if he manages to catch him by surprise.

6Beat: Copy Vegeta

Copy Vegeta is a character who appears during a short filler arc in Dragon Ball Super, but the character has gotten an eerily positive reception. Vegeta, the standard Super Saiyan God, would probably do well against Beerus, but the reason Copy Vegeta is chosen here is because the amorphous entity can also use its evasive blob abilities or even absorb Beerus just like Vegeta did. Copy Vegeta is also a brainless drone, so if he sacrifices himself to take out Beerus, the stakes are much lower than if it were the real Vegeta doing it.

5 Why They Can't: The Super Saiyan God has a time limit

There is a comparable nature of power between Gods of Destruction and Super Saiyan Gods, but even with that in mind there is a very crucial difference between the two. Super Saiyan God is a transformation that puts incredible strain on the user's body and can only be maintained for a certain period of time. A time limit is never useful in battle and can lead to extreme or desperate actions. Beerus, on the other hand, only has access to his power. If he wanted, he could just run the clock until the Super Saiyan God loses his strength.

4Beat: Goku Black

Goku Black may seem like another weird alternative addition to include here, especially since some only see him as an evil version of Goku. There is so much more that pushes Goku Black forward and the raging anger of Zamasu living within him is something that shouldn't be underestimated. However, what's particularly important about Goku Black is that he retains Zamasu's immortality, even after their fusion malformations. This means that Goku Black could get the edge over Beerus in time as he actually has immortality on his side.

3Why They Cannot: The gods of destruction can travel through time

Dragon Ball Super introduces Gods of Destruction to the series, but with them comes the news that there are more universes. This news opens up a lot of possibilities for the series, but it also indicates that Beerus (and Whis) have a much greater awareness of the universe and that their problems are much more significant in nature. Due to the vast responsibilities and obligations of the Gods of Destruction, they are effectively able to travel through time (or universes) in certain situations. Super Saiyan Gods are strong, but they can't defy the laws of time and space like that.

2 Beat: Yamoshi


Yamoshi is more of a mythic legend than a major actor in Dragon Ball, but he is still a character that provokes a lot of discussion. Yamoshi is the first Saiyan ever to get the transformation into Super Saiyan God. He appears on planet Vegeta in a means of deterring the violent ways of the Saiyan race, but fails. Yamoshi's intent and actions put the Super Saiyan God on Beerus, Freeza, and Namek's radars. Not enough is known about Yamoshi, but the legends surrounding him give him an apocryphal power that could perhaps intimidate or surpass Beerus.

1Why They Can't: Beerus has the power of Hakai

It would be ridiculous to spend time discussing Gods of Destruction's strengths without going into their actual destructive capacity, Hakai. Beerus is a master of multiple energy attacks and can annihilate an entire planet with ease. This is still all within the normal limits of his power. Hakai is a move of much greater significance that permanently erases someone from existence. It's Gods of Destruction's latest desperate attempt, but it's nearly impossible to counter and would take care of a Super Saiyan God with no problems.