Dragon Ball Heroes is a new Dragon Ball spinoff series that started out as an arcade game exclusive to Japan. This game has gained so much popularity (as many licensed Dragon Ball things do) that it has received its own anime adaptation. The reason for this is because Heroes of Dragon Ball is the epitome of the official fanfic.

What is meant by this is that Heroes of Dragon Ball takes the Dragon Ball lore and transforms things by up to 150%. This spinoff introduces more transformations, crazy character returns, and more that fans absolutely adore.


The Golden Great Ape is not an exclusive transformation of Dragon Ball Heroes nor did it originate in the new Dragon Ball spinoff. The Golden Great Ape is actually a Saiyan form that was introduced in Dragon Ball Z's often hated non-canonical sequel, Dragon Ball GT. It was originally the bridge between the Saiyans and the achievement of Super Saiyan 4.

This form appeared in Heroes of Dragon Ball through a form of Gogeta's Great Ape and also with the new antagonist of the Cumber series. It's a fantastic form that would be amazing to see in the true canon of the series.


Speaking of the bridge between Super Saiyans and their fourth stage of transformation, it would be absolutely amazing to see Super Saiyan 4's transformation become a real thing. While the design is pretty hit and miss for fans, there really seemed to be something in Super Saiyan 4 that was far more creative than the new transformations found now.

Fans took a look at the Super Saiyan 4 form of Goku and Super Saiyan God Blue Goku on the same screen in Heroes of Dragon Ball 's anime and he went wild. Imagine if the form appeared in the canon of the series.


One thing fans hated about the official Dragon Ball Z continuation is that Goten and Trunks were largely sidelined following their grand introduction as the next generation of Z-Warriors in the Buu Saga. This is something that many thought it would be built on but Super proved that it is not.

Fans have been asking Goten and Trunks to age and get into action the way they've always wanted, and Heroes of Dragon Ball has the fusion duo do exactly that.


Another thing that many Dragon Ball fans have wanted for several years is that Goku could finally meet and truly interact with other members of his family. Yes, he met his brother, but that interaction didn't go as far as many would have liked when they thought about it.

The most requested and thought character that Goku can finally meet was Baddack. Seeing Baddack finally meeting his son, finding out what he has accomplished and seeing how powerful he has become could easily be one of the most incredible and powerful moments in the series.


Dragon Ball Heroes puts fanservice first and that means using exclusive characters from fan favorite movies. This is another thing that has been shown to get tremendous reception from fans around the world, so the question remains. Why stop introducing Broly into the canon? Take even more characters from the movie with you.

Dragon Ball Super has taken the first step in this concept and can definitely go further thanks to the introduction of multiverses in the series. It would be great to see characters like Android 13 appear in some way.


Dragon Ball Super has brought forth a new series of transformations for many characters from many different races. In this series, fans were introduced to the Super Saiyan God form series, a new Golden Freeza, the canonical Super Saiyan Legendary, Super Saiyan God Blue Ascended and Ultra Instinct.

Why not go further if the show shows it's willing to go all out with transformations? This is something Dragon Ball Heroes does flawlessly and with fanfare from fans.


Demon characters are a much explored concept in the Dragon Ball world. It started hardcore with the introduction of the Demon King himself, Lord Piccolo. Things went a bit at a crawl until the introduction of Babidi, Darura and Majin Buu in the Buu Saga.

However, the expanded universe of lore that is featured in series spin-offs such as Heroes of Dragon Ball and Xenoverse put a lot of the limelight on the demon race. This even led to a demon that is partly Saiyan. This appears to be something that Dragon Ball is somewhat lacking, especially with the potential this race has.


One of the main selling points of Heroes of Dragon Ball is the fact that the series is chock full of so many castings that fans have dreamed of for years. Gohan and Trunks, Trunks and Vegeta, Hercule and Buu, Future Trunks and Future Gohan, Janemba and Kid Buu, the list goes on and on and it only gets more fantastic.

With such strong skill it would be great to see it used more in the true Dragon Ball canon. It definitely doesn't get the burn it should overall.


One thing that is even more exciting for fans of the series than introducing the Dragon Ball movie exclusive characters into multiple lore series is the introduction of Dragon Ball GT exclusive characters into the current lore.

While Dragon Ball GT got a lot wrong, one thing fans are excited about is the big villains featured in the series. Just imagine that Shadow Dragons and Baby make an appearance in Dragon Ball Super.


This is actually the simplest concept that could and should be introduced into the true Dragon Ball lore. However, it seems the writers can't even come up with a concept that should be a no-brainer.

Dragon Ball Heroes show a lot of love for secondary characters by making them more powerful, giving them new upgrades and more abilities. Why can't they do that in the current canon? This question has been asked for years and continues to be asked.