Of all the shonen anime that have persevered and evolved over the years, Dragon Ball is still one of the most popular titles and a series that is arguably even more popular than when it first debuted. The Dragon Ball franchise has grown and taken different directions over the years, be it video games, card games or different anime series that can coexist with each other. Dragon Ball Super is the dominant canonical anime, but Heroes of Super Dragon Ball also produces new episodes and offers fans more entertainment set in the universe. Heroes of Dragon Ball is different from Dragon Ball Super, but it's also a decidedly crazier series for a number of reasons.

10It is set after Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Dragon Ball Heroes is actually pretty loose when it comes to continuity and keeping track of things like power scaling, but if it needs to be placed somewhere on the bigger series timeline, then it's technically set after the events of. Dragon Ball Super and its next movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Goku is able to transform Ultra Instinct, for example, and many of the characters in the Tournament of Power show up with some effect. So, despite as follows from Dragon Ball Super storyline, it pushes the material into much more exaggerated places.

9Makes Canon movies

Something that has caused a lot of debate among Dragon Ball Z fans is whether the events and villains of the from movies can be considered canon or not, with ultimately decided they aren't. It's exciting when the anime reinterprets the events of the movies, but Heroes of Dragon Ball explicitly references them and treats them as past adventures.

Part of what makes Dragon Ball Heroes fun for some people is that it brings back villains from movies like Lord Slug, Turles, Bojack Janemba, and more. It's a bridge that Dragon Ball Super was never willing to cross.

8 Super Saiyan 3 is more abundant

Dragon Ball Z and its sequel, Super, become very abundant with the way they disperse the Super Saiyan transformations, but one form of the series that remains fairly rare to this day is Super Saiyan 3. In Super canon, only Goku and Gotenks have achieved this form, but Heroes of Dragon Ball understands that fans want to witness this form and don't disappoint.

Vegeta and Xeno Trunks (who also attain Super Saiyan God form), along with Cumber, all become Super Saiyan 3. Cumber even perfects the form and runs it without time limit.

7There are catastrophe birds


Heroes of Dragon Ball has already been able to work their way through a number of storylines, but its latest arc, the Universe Creation Saga, marks the beginning of the second season of the anime's Big Bang Mission. This material introduces the idea that there is a prophecy about a Bird of Catastrophe that is capable of destroying the entire multiverse.

This leads to the creation of a new multiverse with the Tree of the Universe in an attempt to combat this inevitability. Doki-Doki is this fearsome bird, but there is also Toki-Toki who is related to the creation of life.

6 His s

tory is based on a series of video games

Dragon Ball Super has been careful not to look to the events of the many Dragon Ball video games for inspiration. If anything, the video games take a cue from Super, bringing more characters as they are introduced into the series.

However, Heroes of Dragon Ball does the opposite. It draws many of its story arcs from the video game series of the same name. The entire Prison Planet Saga and Universal Conflict Saga have just rolled out of the games and there is a strong incorporation of the Time-Space Patrol and Xeno versions of the characters, which come out of the Xenoverse titles.

5 Makes Dragon Ball GT Canon

Another big difference between Dragon Ball and Super Heroes is this Super distances itself from Dragon Ball GT and intentionally forms a new canon that goes against the events of the sequel series. Heroes of Dragon Ball has no problem playing with multiple versions of characters at the same time, which means a lot of elements from GT entering the series.

There are Super Saiyan 4 versions of characters that are rampant, but Cumber also transforms into a Great Golden Monkey, plus Super 17 and Evil Tuffles also become potential threats.

4 Presents a golden cooler

Heroes of Dragon Ball brings back a number of villains from the movies, but Cooler's return also comes with a few updates. Dragon Ball Super shows Freeza perfecting a new transformation that turns him into Golden Freeza.

It is unclear whether this improvement is specific to him or to his species in general. However, Heroes of Dragon Ball implies that he is the latter because Freeza's brother Cooler also becomes a golden version of himself. Golden Cooler is a decent challenge for some characters, but it's a fun change since many of the other villains don't get the same luxury.

3 Cumber can infect Saiyans with his Ki

A major threat that Heroes of Dragon Ball plays with Cumber, an ancient Saiyan who is treated as something of a legendary figure. Cumber has a respected reputation and has a level of resentment towards the Super Saiyan God form, implying that perhaps he has a pre-existing relationship with the form.

Cumber is also unique in that his dark ki is capable of infecting individuals and causing them to enter berserker mode. This is a fascinating development with ki abilities and no one can do such a thing in Super.

2 Pair Super Saiyan 4 with the Kaio-Ken attack

The Kaio-Ken Attack is one of Goku's first tricks in Dragon Ball Z and despite the way it gives him an incredible increase in physical strength, it also puts considerable drainage on his body. Once Goku masters the basics of Super Saiyan transformations, he barely returns to form.

This left fans wondering if it was even possible if the body could handle these two techniques combined together. Heroes of Dragon Ball proves that Kaio-Ken can be used in tandem with being Super Saiyan 4, which really helps push Goku to the limit of him.

1Strengthens the importance of a Saiyan's tail


The appearance of a tail on Saiyans is a staple of the race during the early years of Dragon Ball Z. Most of the race in Universe 7 grows up this way and they learn how to operate without them.

Tails have proven to be crucial for some transformations, such as becoming a Great Ape or becoming Super Saiyan 4. However, Dragon Ball Heroes emphasizes the meaning of the trait when Cumber actually creates a tail from the shadow energy, which increases the power of him.