Many anime are capable of grabbing the audience's attention but Dragon Balls success has helped it remain one of the most popular anime for decades. The recent revival of the franchise has gone dragon ball away stronger than ever and it's exciting to see the new places the series explores. Dragon Balls villains are a crucial aspect of the show's success and there are many memorable battles against the forces of evil everywhere Dragon Balls run.

Dragon Ball Super the latest villain is Moro, but the manga continues to go further with new characters. Before the Dragon Ball enters its next big villain, it is important to understand what happened to all previous enemies.

10Radish dies next to his brother

Dragon Ball Z wastes no time with the introduction of its first big villain, Goku's brother Raditz. Raditz's arrival is a bombshell for many reasons, including the fact that he brings aliens into the series and that Goku is one of them. Raditz is presented as a mirror of what Goku might have been if he had never become a hero on Earth. Raditz's strength forces Goku and Piccolo to work together for the first time and Goku must sacrifice himself to make sure Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon connects. It is a prelude to what will happen with Nappa and Vegeta.

9Vegeta is forced to retreat and withdraw his Saiyanyan invasion

Dragon Ball introduces stronger and stronger enemies and the characters in the anime reach the point where they are literally at the strength of the Gods. Vegeta is the biggest threat Goku has faced at this point, but it's still a down-to-earth battle where everyone contributes. Vegeta gets the advantage with his great ape form only Yajirobe cuts off his tail. It is then Gohan who ultimately crushes a weakened Vegeta in his Great Monkey state and leaves him virtually crippled. Krillin is ready to finish the job until Goku insists that he allow him to leave Earth and attempt to reform.

8Future Trunks completes a reborn Freeza

Freeza becomes the dominant villain in Dragon Balls Run, and Goku's defeat marks the milestone of his transformation into Super Saiyan for the first time. This power appears to destroy Freeza as the planet Namek undergoes destruction. It is later revealed that Freeza's pieces are able to survive in space and are reassembled and repaired by his father, King Cold.

Future Trunks makes his flashy introduction to the series when he rips Mecha Freeza apart and blasts them into thin air to make sure it doesn't get rebuilt a second time. Both of these defeats are very powerful moments.

7It takes the strength of Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 to destroy Cell

Cell and the evil Androids that accompany him are part of the funniest Evil Dragon Balls. Cell undergoes several transformations until he reaches his perfect form and it looks like he will come out through self-destruction along with Goku trying to avoid the disaster. Goku pays the price, but Cell is still able to regenerate. This allows Gohan in his new Super Saiyan 2 form to (along with Goku's spiritual help) completely annihilate Cell until there is nothing left. Vegeta also contributes a helpful distraction that helps Gohan take over.

6Kid Buu is destroyed by Goku's biggest spirit bomb ever

Buu continues the Dragon Balls tradition of villains with multiple transformations and an enemy capable of absorbing heroes for their own benefit. Many different versions of Buu plague the Z Fighters, but Kid Buu goes farther than any other villain when he kills the majority of Earth's population. New cheats like Super Saiyan 3 and fusion are useful against Buu, but in the end it's a good old-fashioned spirit bomb that does the job of him. It is a fitting demonstration of everyone's trust in Goku.

5Beerus beats a Super Saiyan God, but then he needs to hibernate

Beerus helps kick off Dragon Ball Super and brings forth an entirely new classification of powerful entities. Whis, Beerus and the rest of the Gods of Destruction are extremely powerful and Goku is pushed to unlock the abilities of a Super Saiyan God to give Beerus a suitable challenge.

Goku fights well, but actually pales in comparison to Beerus and loses. Beerus should technically destroy the Earth as best he can

4 Super Saiyan Blue Goku puts an end to Golden Freeza, but with the help of Whis

Freeza returns more often than any other villain in the Dragon Ball series, and Dragon Ball Super gives the character a powerful new transformation, Golden Freeza, which was fueled by his anger towards Goku. Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta both do their part and honestly overwhelm Golden Freeza. Vegeta is ready to finish the job until his cocky attitude of him grants Freeza a chance to destroy Earth. Whis is forced to step in and rewind time, in which Goku wastes no time killing Golden Freeza before history can repeat itself.

Fused Zamasu is finished by Future Trunks and an intervention by Zeno

Dragon Ball Super The Goku Black saga contains some of the best storytelling in the anime. An evil Goku's surprise turns out to be something much bigger with more timelines involved. Fused Zamasu survives both the wave of demon containment and Vegito's return, but it is Future Trunks who achieves victory thanks to the enormous energy concentrated on his Sword of Spirit. However, as Fused Zamasu is still half immortal, he begins to merge with reality itself until Zeno is forced to step in and erase what is left at risk of the universe's destruction.

DueJiren faces defeat by the common force of Universe 7

Dragon Ball Super the final arc takes an unconventional approach in which a multi-universe battle royale becomes the source of the conflict. There is no central villain in these episodes and each universe is simply busy surviving. However, Goku initially identifies Jiren from Universe 11 as the most powerful opponent in this tournament. Jiren's strength prompts Goku to unlock Ultra Instinct for the first time, which is a big deal, but in the end it is the combined efforts of Goku and Freeza, with the help of Android 17, that take Jiren out and help the 'Universe 7 to triumph.

1Moro merges with Earth and triggers Goku's Autonomous Ultra Instinct

Moro starts out as a very unique villain for Dragon Ball Super manga, but the character ultimately leans against many of the series' villain tropes. Moro keeps changing from the power he absorbs, but the battle culminates with him merging with the Earth from the energy he consumes from Merus. Goku accesses Autonomous Ultra Instinct at a higher level than ever and a spirit-like avatar attacks Moro. The combination of Vegeta's Forced Spirit Fission on Moro along with the energy boost Goku receives from Uub is what brings home the victory.